I made a lamp!


After seeing a cute lamp with a simple fabric shade in a nearby store, I was inspired to make my own for the baby’s room! It’s the first and only lamp I’ve ever made, so I kind of winged it, but I wanted to share how I did it for those who are curious. There are far better tutorials out there, but most of them used styrene backing, which I couldn’t find at my local craft store. Near the place where I bought the frame, however, was a sheet of plastic to be used for making lamps, so I decided to figure it out on my own.

I did a quick online search to get a basic idea of how to make a lampshade and then just kind of winged it and went with what felt right!

These sites were helpful in giving me an idea of how to do things:

My process is most similar to the second one, except that I had trouble with my glue sticking…so I got creative and used…dress tape! Here’s how I did it!


I used a lampshade frame, a sheet of plastic (made specifically for lamp making), and fabric. This one is Michael Miller’s Mod Fish.

Then, using the frame as a guide, I measured out how much of the plastic sheet I needed and cut it down to size, leaving a little overlap. (Like a centimeter on each edge – just a tiny bit!)


Next, I put the fabric underneath the plastic sheet and cut the fabric to size, leaving about an inch on each side to overlap.


Next, I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the plastic sheet. I took it outside to have as little contact to the fumes as possible!


Make sure to smooth it out!

Just to make sure the edges dried, I put (probably way too many) clothespins on either side for a couple of minutes.


Next, I removed the clothespins and put it on the frame to test the placement of it.


If I had been better at cutting and gluing the plastic sheet, I could have planned it so that the fish lined up with each other at the crease. Oh well!

Here’s where I had trouble getting my regular craft glue to hold, so I used a big strip of dress tape left over from my wedding. It did the job nicely!


I removed the tape’s backing, lined up the fabric with the frame, and stuck the other side of the shade onto the dress tape, closing the circle. I used a few clothespins to help it stay in place before putting the fabric onto the tape.

Then all I had to do was tuck in the fabric on the top and bottom of the lamp, and since the dress tape worked so well, I used that too!


Hopefully the dress tape will hold well enough. If not, I can touch it up someday with some fabric glue or something that will better hold!

(Edit: January 2018, dress tape is still going strong!)

For now, I’m really happy with the way it turned out!


At some point I want to find a nice base for it, but for now this simple way works quite well!


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