Shadows & light

Loving the extra light we’ve been getting around here as we’re transitioning into spring! It cast the most lovely shadow of a paper craft project – little Dutch houses – I made a while back.


I believe they’ve already changed the clocks in the USA, but in Germany we don’t do it until the 30th of this month. So until we spring forward, there’s only a five-hour time difference between me and my family instead of the usual six!

Things are going well here. I’m hanging in here, growing a baby, and feeling very lucky. I’m starting to look really huge, to the point where I’ve started getting stares from strangers when I’m out and about. It’s such a special thing, though, being pregnant, and I’m so thankful! This is the current state of my bump from this past Sunday:


Baby’s doing well, mom’s doing well…and papa too. Things are great all around. I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy, all things considered. (Please don’t hate me!) It’s not without its occasional discomfort, nausea, and aches & pains. But I have to say that I love being pregnant, and I will miss this special time being so connected to my baby in this way. I’m soooo lucky not to have any really painful or awful symptoms and that my baby is healthy. I am excited to meet him soon (9 weeks until my due date!), although I don’t feel ready at all!  It’s so hard to imagine what life will be like when he’s here! I guess nothing can prepare you for such a big life change.


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