Sew much fun!

I’m really enjoying having a sewing machine on hand. Ariane let me borrow hers and it’s a dream! I’m definitely going to use some birthday and Christmas money to buy myself my own!

Yesterday I made this cute little stegosaurus. (Umm I almost wrote rhino…where did that come from?!)

Photoon4-1-14at1240PM_zpsfce5878c(idea & pattern from beloved-ones)

And here I am modeling the monster bib I made today!

Photoon4-2-14at226PM_zpsd31f1c04(idea & pattern from Stubbornly Crafty)

Mine turned out perhaps a bit larger than the bib from Stubbornly Crafty because I didn’t actually have the pattern when I sewed it. I just got the idea from a picture on Pinterest and used another bib we had for sizing. It’s a rather large one! I had to laugh; when I shared the photo with a friend, she said, “If baby gets food on his clothes with that bib he was working hard for it! At least he won’t grow out of it quickly!”

I’m having fun!


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