Last weekend at the Fabrik Marktzeit

IMG_1372There’s a building a few blocks away called the Fabrik. It was an old factory that has since been converted into a cultural building, hosting many different types of events. (It’s very well-known for concerts!)

They have flea markets very often, too, and while I’ve never actually been there for those, I have a feeling I may have to check out the next Kinderflohmarkt to see if there’s anything good that we still need for the baby. But something I didn’t know was that they have a different kind of market there every Saturday!


Our friends Franzi and Eddy suggested going there last weekend; they had also never been there before, so it was something new for all of us. We met there at 10 on Saturday morning for breakfast and then walked around and looked at all of the stands. There are lots of craft things there, specialty food items, and art for sale.

IMG_1351IMG_1354IMG_1370IMG_1373We had a lovely time! Unfortunately, I had a dizzy spell at the end and had to go outside for some fresh air. Luckily, our friends had a car and even though it wasn’t that far from our place, I really appreciated the ride home. I really thought I was going to faint. Thankfully, that’s been the only episode of that in my pregnancy – the last thing you want is a pregnant lady fainting!



But it was really a lovely thing. I  don’t think we’ll go all that often, as the stands are probably pretty much the same from week to week. But for a nice breakfast with friends on a Saturday morning, it’s a fun place! My mom would love it, so I’ll definitely be taking my parents there when they come to visit in late June.

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