My very own sewing machine!


I went ahead and ordered a sewing machine for myself, and thanks to Amazon Prime, had it delivered the very next day! Of course…I’ve been working on finishing up my crocheted blanket for the baby, so I haven’t actually touched the sewing machine since I took it out of the box, but I’m really excited to have one of my own! (I got the Brother Innov-is 10a Anniversary edition.) I’m especially excited to already have a good idea of how it works, thanks to borrowing Ariane’s for a few weeks.


As it turns out, the bassinet we are borrowing from a friend has a very specific size – 82 x 43 cm – and while it’s good that it’s a bit larger size, it means I’ll have to buy name brand fitted sheets for it. I’m pretty sure I can make a fitted sheet easily enough with my new sewing machine. This tutorial from Fabric Robot seems to be a good one, so I’ll be trying my hand at that as soon as I can get some good fabric!

I’ve now started a new Pinterest board for collecting my favorite sewing tutorials that I’d like to try. There are also a lot of sewing projects on my Baby Stäbler board, though I might migrate those over to the sewing board at some point. So Sew much fun!


9 thoughts on “My very own sewing machine!

  1. Jealous. I’ve been thinking about sewing machines lately…but I worry I won’t use it enough. Maybe I can buy one amongst friends. And we can take turn hosting the machine in our homes.

    BTW, bassinet looks amazing!

    • It is definitely an investment. I used birthday and Christmas money my Gram gave me to buy it, so I consider it a gift from her. And I do think it will last me many years, so in the end, totally worth it.

      A sewing machine share sounds like a pretty good idea, actually!

      The bassinet is cute, isn’t it? Definitely a bit different than the American-style ones. I like it.

  2. Congrats on your first machine! I have been using my mom’s old Elna 500 ( probably close to 30 years old) and just ordered a Brother SE400 when that one looked like it was dead. It is exciting to get that box, isn’t it??

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