Easter 2014



We had a lovely, relaxing day. We went to church and afterwards had asparagus for lunch that Tobi had picked up that morning at the fish market. For whatever reason, we’ve both been so exhausted lately (sleeping as much as possible before the baby comes…?) so we took a 3-hour nap. Thankfully, it was still light outside so then we went out to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather and took a leisurely walk (a.k.a. slowly waddled) down to the Elbe, where we sat in some lounge chairs at a café and had some cake.


Tobias played with shadows for this funny “family portrait”…hah!


It was all very lovely and a relaxing, quiet day. We had fun taking pictures, chatting about anything and everything, and enjoying the sun and the flowers.

Somebody was trying to hide…!
We took this picture “from the baby’s point of view”. Hah. Looks like I’m ready to pop…as my mom says, the indicator on my “oven stuffer roaster” has popped up, meaning I’m almost done!


Unfortunately, spending so much time int he great outdoors caused a hay-fever-induced allergy attack for the rest of the day and some of the day after. Not so fun.

But let’s remember more the other fun parts of the day! It was so sunny and warm, it was unbelievable. Even the wind didn’t make it too cold. Perfect Easter weather!


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