Finished project: crocheted baby blanket!

Happy 37 weeks to me!

After two months of working on this patchwork blanket, inspired by Rachel’s [I think still unfinished] project at Smile & Wave, I finally finished it TODAY.




I was SO ready to be done with it! It sure was a lot of work, and definitely a learning curve along the way. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever crocheted in my life. This one had so many steps. Crocheting the squares, finishing the squares, weaving the ends in, connecting them, weaving those ends in again, and doing the border along the outside. Whew. It was a lot more labor-intensive than I had expected! For the next blanket, it will probably feel reallygood to just crochet back and forth in lines. But I certainly won’t be doing any more blankets any time soon. I do want to try a baby hat, but I’m kind of tired of crocheting at the moment! On to the next projects: finishing sewing up my own bassinet sheets!

Now that the blanket is ready, baby’s allowed to come whenever* he pleases!

*Except for between May 1-5, since Tobias will be in Paris during those dates. Hear that, baby? Let’s shoot for after May 5, shall we? Baby? Are you listening to mama?



8 thoughts on “Finished project: crocheted baby blanket!

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, I think a lot of pregnant women hope their babies will come a little bit earlier at least. Lol. I still feel pretty comfortable, but I just really hope he doesn’t stick around in there until 42 weeks. Two weeks longer than the due date seems incredibly frustrating! (Hope I haven’t jinxed myself by saying that!)

  1. This blanket is beautiful! You did an awesome job! Love the layout you chose for the squares. Sure to be a treasure for your little one. -xo holly

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