8 memories of Grandma


Eight years ago today, back in 2006, my grandma passed away. It’s incredible what’s happened in that amount of time – so many important moments in my life happened after that. My aunt got married…I studied abroad in France…I met Tobias…I graduated college…I moved to France…my brother got married…I moved to Germany…I got married…my brother had a baby…I had a few miscarriages and got pregnant again…I’m about to become a parent any day now…8 years. It feels so short, yet so long.

I was really close with my grandma; we spent almost every weekend there as kids. Even though I spent a lot of time with her, I wish I had had even more and that she could have been around these last 8 years to experience all of these wonderful things that have happened in my life.

But I have a lot of nice memories, too, and that’s what I want to remember today. So here are 8 memories of my grandma:

  1. The way she said chocolate milk like it was the most exciting thing ever. “chee-YAWWWk-lit”
  2. Going to the grocery store with her at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning. Sometimes we got a cookie from the bakery section and other times we got a toy. She spent hundreds of dollars each time.
  3. I slept in bed with her and before going to sleep, she would tell me stories about her childhood. I wish I remembered more of the details.
  4. She always had popsicles at her house – many different sorts. Except she would call the orange cream ones “momsicles”.creamsicle_zps957a54de
  5. When on family vacation, and when we were young, she would take us out early in the morning to the beach to collect seashells. We always took home a plastic bag full of them. She liked these copper colored ones the best.DSCN1859
  6. Playing card games with us kids. My mom insists she always cheated a bit to let us win. We played lots of go fish, war, rummy, and kings’ corners.
  7. Her vests. She always wore them. And she always had mints or candy in her pockets.GrandmaatColdstone_zps875ed030
  8. She was definitely a foodie…and loved trying new things. She’s make us our favorite meals but always tweak them. Like…”I made you some brownies, just the way you like them! Except I added sprinkles!”

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