Welcome, Theo!


We are so excited to announce the birth of our son, Theo James Stäbler. (Theo is pronounced TAY-oh, the German way!)

He joined us on Friday, May 16th at 8:15 p.m. weighing 7 lbs 9 oz and measuring 18.9 inches after a very long labor. He did really well and is healthy. We stayed in a family room in the hospital until Monday evening, which I’m so thankful for. It was nice being able to relax and spend Theo’s first few days together as a family.

Labor was hardcore, not gonna lie. I’m recovering slowly but surely and working on getting the hang of nursing.

It’s also nice to be home now and we are really enjoying getting to know this tiny addition to our family. What a wild ride…we are beyond blessed.


10 thoughts on “Welcome, Theo!

  1. Congratulations! He is gorgeous. Also, excellent name choice. My godson is called Theo though, so I might be biased 😉 (but he is pronounced the English way).

  2. So excited for your new adventure. Parenting so awesome, so hard, so worth it. Sleep sleep sleep. This is was is so amazing….Theo will know and understand two languages in his first moments. Is any of your family coming over to see you in the next month?

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