Happy 1 week birthday!


What a whirlwind this week has been. We are so glad to have you in our lives, little Theo James. We’re learning what you like and dislike – you like napping on our chests, you dislike nursing if you have anything but a fresh diaper – and are getting the hang of the little cues you give us to communicate your needs.

Nursing is going much better. There is currently a passed out, milk-drunk baby on my lap. His skin is peeling a lot, which is normal considering he spent the last 9 months in a watery environment.

We’ve had awesome warm, sunny weather (except for yesterday) since he was born. I don’t think we’ve ever done so many loads of laundry in such a short span of time. We don’t have a dryer, so it always takes a while for things to dry. Not in this weather! There isn’t even that much baby laundry yet; we’re catching up on our own as well.


Tobias got me a lovely bouquet of flowers to thank me for giving birth. I cried; it was just so sweet. And what gorgeous flowers, too. He also got Theo a little birthday present – a onesie and shorts (and hat!) set from H&M. Most of his clothes don’t fit him yet – the newborn clothes fit the best, but the 0-3 months are still quite baggy. But that’s okay. He’s cute either way.

And the cool artwork in the background came by post yesterday from France from our good friend, Selina. Framed and everything. We love it! (And can you tell she’s a graphic designer? She’s got great taste!) We are going to hang it up in our office, which will later be Theo’s room when he’s ready for a space of his own.

Life is good. Happy one week, my dear baby!


3 thoughts on “Happy 1 week birthday!

  1. SO COOL, CONGRATS AGAIN!! Also, this reminds me that friends suggested to us, when Eric was a few months older, to teach him simple sign language and it worked great! Maybe you’ve heard of this? It reduced his frustration when he wasn’t yet able to talk, and he started learning manners (like how to sign “more please”, and “thank you”, etc). He also had a picture book he could point at things he wanted; ie, if he wanted me to play guitar, he’d find the picture of the guitar, point and strum it. Those were great days….he’s still a good guy 🙂

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