First weeks of motherhood


I’m not feeling terribly inspired to write, but the little man is snoring away in the bassinet next to me and I feel like I should take advantage of this moment to type with both hands instead of just one! So this post will be rather stream of consciousness.

There is so much to process still from this huge life change. On the one hand, it feels totally natural to be a mom to Theo. On the other hand, I look at him and can’t believe he’s mine. Tobias and I often look at each other in awe and say something along the lines of, “We’re parents!” or “We made that.” It’s funny having little moments of realization like that.

He’s doing swimmingly, excelling at what newborns do – eat, poop, sleep, spit up, cry a bit, stare a bit, repeat – and is growing well. At 17 days old, he is now past his birth weight and will never be this little again. My goodness!


His awake phases are getting longer, and he has started smiling a bit. His gummy smiles are so precious!


I can totally see why everyone says he has my lips. This shows it quite well:


I don’t want to jinx things, but Theo has been a really easy baby so far. He’s been a bit more fussy the past few days, but for the most part, seems to be very happy.

Speaking of happy, he has had two baths in the sink so far and seems to love them. Perhaps a little perplexed, but he didn’t cry one bit.


Now he is stretching his arms up high above his head and grunting. I think he’ll wake up soon, and it’ll be time for another diaper change and feeding session.


He did wake up. So I changed him, fed him, and lay down on the couch with him on my belly and took a nap that felt longer than it probably was.

It’s for sure a different rhythm, but a welcome one that is rewarded with little baby smiles and snuggles. Life is so good.


4 thoughts on “First weeks of motherhood

  1. so exciting! I guess you never know if his disposition will change or not; Eric was an easy one, and our only one, so we can only compare to what we saw friends go thru w/more strong-willed kids (or whatever caused the difference).

    You went to the Spital and came home with a Preis!

  2. Aww, so sweet post. I remember the time when I looked at my first newborn son and thought- how it is possible that this miracle is given to us. Enjoy your family time!:)

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