Little frog

My little man is lying next to me on the sheepskin rug on the ground, a sunbeam shining onto his little bottom. He’s asleep on his belly, which we don’t normally let him do unless we’re watching, but it’s oh so cute because that’s exactly the way his dad sleeps. Belly sleeper. He’s making faces in his sleep, and his legs are curled up like a little frog.

Speaking of little frogs, he is wearing the onesie I bought way back during my first pregnancy, which I lost at 10 weeks. I’m so glad he’s here and safe and can wear that onesie.


Now he’s grunting and kicking his legs, scooting up a bit on the sheepskin. He’s not asleep anymore!

Words cannot express how much I love this little guy. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with him.


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