Dunkin Donuts in Hamburg!


The day has finally come…Dunkin Donuts is in Hamburg at the Dammtor train station! We stopped by yesterday on the grand opening day to get ourselves a box of 12 donuts to celebrate.

Hamburg has its own donut chain, Monkey Donuts, which is also good. But just not quite the same. Dunkin Donuts tastes just like HOME.


It was super busy there, of course, but they were well-staffed and kept the donuts coming to keep up with demand. It was a little bit of mayhem trying to stand in line and order, but that just added to the excitement.


Photo bombed by the guy behind us! LOL


The signage was a bit off…but somebody corrected it.


This smiley-faced donut has red filling and banana frosting and is called the “Hamburger”.


So happy!

P.S. We also no longer need to bring a big box of donuts home from Berlin every time we visit! That will make traveling a lot easier, haha!


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