Theo’s first fourth


We spent Theo’s first Fourth of July here in Germany, of course, but we still made it festive by dressing him up in a cute American outfit. Grandma and Granddad came over for breakfast, and then in the afternoon, Selina and Geoffroy arrived from France. They’re in town for the baptism, as Selina is one of Theo’s godmothers. From then on, it was a crazy mix of German, French and English. (Switching between English and another language is no big deal…switching between French and German is pretty strange and difficult for me!)


We went out for lunch in the neighborhood, as there is the Altonale street festival this weekend and they already had stands up selling all sorts of different foods. We had pulled pork and sauerkraut sandwiches, Schmalzkuchen (fat cakes!) and then we went to Eis Liebe for some ice cream, where they had a new flavor: kumquat lime. Yum!


In the evening, we watched the Germany vs. France game in the World Cup. We watched at home, and Tobias put up some flags on our door and made a scoreboard. It was pretty funny having Geoffroy there, who was of course rooting for the French team. Selina was caught between both teams, since she lives in France but is German. And Tobias was rooting for Germany, of course. Germany ended up winning 1-0. We tried to make the celebration as bicultural as possible. Selina and Geoffroy brought over rillettes de porc, a baguette, and a pretzel.


And two flags, one for Germany and one for the Netherlands. Oops. Right colors, wrong flag.



10 thoughts on “Theo’s first fourth

  1. If you cut (or fold) the Dutch flag in half, you have a french flag. This is how Dutch retailers get rid of their excess stock at the end of flag-flying season.

  2. ohhhh… Schmalzkuchen! Mjam… miss that one! Seems like you had a pretty cool day and I still hope for the Dutch-German Final even if I have to hide after it for some time ;) Or I have to pretend I am not German ;)

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