Home stretch


One week down, one to go. Less than one, actually, now…until Tobias comes back home from his 2-week business trip.

I’ve been keeping busy, though. Went to Ostfriesland with my friend Jessica and her son Jakob to stay with her parents-in-law for a few days (her husband came up over the weekend but we went earlier on Wednesday). It was a really lovely trip and a very relaxing time. Her parents-in-law really took me and Theo under their wings and they treated Theo just like their own grandson. It was very sweet and I really appreciated the nice visit. We took walks, enjoyed the warm weather out in the garden, and drank lots of Ostfriesen tea.


And today we had a nice picnic with the other ladies from my birth prep course. Actually, it was cute…Theo was the only boy there out of 6 babies!

Tomorrow I’m dropping by the school to get some paperwork done and then hanging out with a coworker for lunch. Thursday I’ll likely visit Ariane and the new baby (Juliette!). Lots of things to do, places to go, and people to see!

At the beginning of those 2 weeks, it felt like forever. Now that it’s almost over, it has gone by quickly. And I’m glad. It will be nice to have Tobi back home again.


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