4th Germanniversary

Today marks 4 years in Hamburg…


And two years of marriage (well, our official Standesamt wedding) to this awesome guy.


Our real anniversary is on the 4th…which is good, because Tobi will be back from Mallorca then! We didn’t get to see each other on our anniversary last year because he was on a job. And now we have a baby. Guess we’ll see what we want to do to celebrate this year!

Wedding photos by Annette Schrader.


8 thoughts on “4th Germanniversary

  1. That’s funny, I’ve never met you but our dates match – this year it will be 4 years since I live in Hamburg. Recently celebrated the 2nd wedding anniversary and our baby was 2 months old at that point 🙂
    Enjoy your anniversary!

      • Thanks! 🙂 And yes Birdy’s a bit older, she’s turning 5 months at the end of next week. I keep on being amazed how quickly our little humans grown and learn.

  2. Hello there! I was excited to stuble upon your blog, as it really resonates with me! My husband and I are in the process of trying to relocate to Hamburg. We are currently living in SF, originally from Virginia. I also suffered a miscarriage in Februaury, and your blog couldn’t have been more perfect for me to find as I research life in Hamburg. Thank you for sharing!

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