Rotisserie chicken man

I just had the most pleasant encounter with a stranger today!

On my way home from picking up a bouncer seat I got on eBay classifieds, I noticed that there was a food truck selling rotisserie chicken at the bus station. I decided to pick myself up some for dinner so I wouldn’t have to cook.

I was wearing Theo in the ergo carrier and when I went up to the guy, I ordered a half chicken. He then opened his fridge and took out a piece of chocolate (Niederegger marzipan chocolate!) and said, “A young, freshly-baked mother like you needs chocolate!” and gave it to me. It made me smile because it was a sweet gesture, but also because it was so unexpected to encounter such kindness.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder: a friend of mine was waiting for her bus and she came over to say hi. We chatted a little, and then I turned back to the guy because he started talking to me, and I was thrown off…he was speaking English! He said, in a nice Irish accent, “You’re not German, are you? Not with a complexion like that!”

I was so confused to be hearing English at that moment that I responded in German, “Wie bitte?” And then it clicked: I understood what he’d asked me. I told him I was American. “And you?” I asked. “Are you…Irish?” I’m normally not good at picking out accents, but he sounded just like one of my Irish coworkers!

It was a pretty good guess, except he was German. “But I was married to an Irish woman for a long time,” he explained. He asked if I had Irish heritage, too, and I told him it’s more likely I have Scottish heritage, but that’s pretty close.

That pretty much made my day.

Oh, that and the bouncer seat. I was so excited to get home and use it. I think Theo is a fan:



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