Officially outgrown.


We have reached high-water status on the newborn sleepers.

My newborn has grown into a baby. A baby who can hold his head up on his own pretty darn well these days. A baby who enjoys playing and interacting. A baby who gets frustrated when he can’t reach a toy he wants. A baby who stares at people, including at himself in the mirror.

Obviously, I’ll look back on this stage someday not too far away and think, “Wow, he was still so small!” and my heart will fill with longing for my little baby, while simultaneously being filled with joy at my growing boy who is learning and changing so much every day. But just look at this difference!


I look at this guy and my heart bursts with love. It’s pretty wonderful. Keep on growing, little man. Keep on growing.



4 thoughts on “Officially outgrown.

  1. I can’t remember what docu we were watching, but I think they said that if a child continued their rate of growth from their first year, throughout their “growing years” they would end up the size of a whale. Luckily the growth slows. Aren’t babies better than television? We used to sit drinking our morning coffee and just watch the girl. She is 7 now, sometimes we still do that. 😉

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