You know how I wrote about Theo’s first laughs and how I couldn’t wait for his first giggle fest? Well, just two days later, I got my wish!

I was at breakfast with the ladies from my birth prep course and he laughed and laughed as I bent down repeatedly and said “boo!” in his face. I didn’t get up to get my camera because I was afraid he’d stop. He went on for about a minute! It was so much fun!

He’s had a few other (shorter) giggle sessions since then, and it really is the best thing in the world.

Since I don’t have any video proof, here are a few pictures of him sitting propped up on the couch. He’s getting better and better at sitting…I really think he’d love a Bumbo seat, because even sitting up in his bouncer isn’t quite upright enough for him. He tries to sit up even further, doing little baby crunches and training his ab muscles. Hah.


Anyway, this is the last picture I’ll have of him in his “handsome” shirt, since this size newborn onesie is now 3/4-length sleeves on him.

The 3-month clothes are fitting rather nicely now. And look at this hat I made back while pregnant! So sweet! Love that little face! And actually, I made those pants, too. Had to bundle him up because the weather here is getting cooler! It really feels like fall.


Side note PSA: 4 months ’til Christmas! :-D


One thought on “Giggles!

  1. Too cute!! I can’t wait for fall weather to arrive here in VA! And oh my goodness, the “baby crunches,” that is exactly how we describe what Andie looks like trying to sit up haha :)

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