Mommy blog?

Welp…guess this blog has turned into a bona fide mommy blog, since all I write about anymore is my son. But since I’ve always just written about my life, and now Theo takes up a large percentage of that, it’s only natural! It’s true what they say about parenthood being a 24/7 job. Yesterday, I was pretty exhausted. Theo had a rough day (learning something new perhaps?) and I had a rough night and felt truly sleep deprived, as is natural for mothers of infants.

But yesterday is over, last night was better, and today is already better, too. We let Theo sleep out on the balcony in the fresh air, Scandinavian style. Bundled up, hat on, outside. I don’t know if he was just tired, or if it was the fresh air and 60-degree weather, but he napped for almost 2 hours, which is really long for him!


We’ll definitely have to repeat that again!


As the weather is getting colder (it already feels like fall here!), I’ve noticed that Theo often has icy fingers. For those of you with experience with babies who have reached the stage of always putting their hands in their mouths, how do you keep their little hands warm? Gloves also get chewed on and wet, which then makes his hands even colder. Do they make waterproof gloves? Or do I have to get multiple pairs so I can change them frequently to always have a dry pair?


6 thoughts on “Mommy blog?

  1. These days my little one often has cold fingers as well but I’m not really concerned. As long as the rest of her is warm I don’t bother with gloves, it’s not that cold outside yet (at least by my standard, I come from a Nordic country :))

    • I’m a wimp about the cold. :) But it’s really not all that cold yet; you’re right. But I am curious about how people from cultures who are outside more often in the winter do it. In the US, it’s never huge problem because most people are only outside in between the house and the car, or the car and whatever indoor destination they’re headed to. So this is new territory for me, because I spend a whole lot more time outside!

      • I know what you mean :) In Latvia things are done the “Scandinavian” way and people would often let babies sleep outside in freezing temperatures, of course dressed really warm. I’m not sure whether I would brave that though…

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