Bedtime stories


I usually try to read one bedtime story to Theo before putting him down “for the night”. I felt quotation marks to be necessary, since that really only means he sleeps 2-3 hours at a time before he’s up and wants to eat again. Not that anyone gets any false ideas that my son is already sleeping through the night. We haven’t been quite so lucky yet. But he generally goes to sleep again without a fuss, so it’s an okay trade-off!


Anyway, my absolute favorite book to read him is one called Peace At Last, by Jill Murphy. It’s a lovely story about Mr. Bear, who is having a particularly strong bout of insomnia and moves through different places around the house to try to get some sleep. He finally gets to sleep, only to be woken up by the alarm clock. The story ends with Mrs. Bear brushing off the fact that he didn’t sleep well and bringing him a “nice cup of tea”. Very English, indeed.


It’s such a wonderful story and a very fun one to read. Mr. Bear always says, “Oh no! I can’t stand THIS!” before he goes off to try to sleep somewhere else.


We do have other books I sometimes read, but I usually reach for this one. Theo has also started taking an interested in touching the pages, and he kicks his legs excitedly as I read to him. He likes staring at the pictures, too. And now I’ve read it so often that I can pretty much tell the story without looking at the book.


What are some other good books to read to young kids? I have a copy of Where the Wild Things Are back home in Maryland. To this day, my mom still knows it by heart because she read it thousands of times with us. Any other books I should add to my repertoire?

On a strange side note, while checking Amazon to find the link for MY Peace at Last book, I discovered another book called Peace at Last: The Afterdeath experiences of John Lennon. Ha! That’s a very different kind of book!


8 thoughts on “Bedtime stories

  1. I remember Peace At Last from when I was a kid! You should also try “Five Minutes Peace” by the same author.

    One of my absolute favourite books as a child was Each, Peach, Pear Plum by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. I even bought myself a new copy recently so I could own it again (not sure what happened to my original copy).

  2. So cute! We really like Guess How Much I Love You and you should check out BabyLit books–we have Alice & Wonderland and Romeo & Juliet; it’s an awesome series! Happy reading!! :)

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