Cooking through Jerusalem


After feeling SO very uninspired with cooking, and too many long silences after the question, “What should we eat?” Tobias and I decided to pull out our cookbooks and see what we could whip up.

The problem with cookbooks is that you usually don’t have all of the ingredients on hand, so you need to make a shopping list, go buy the ingredients, and then figure out how to make the meal. So it requires a bit more meal planning than we generally do. We’re usually left wandering the grocery store aisles, waiting for something to jump out at us. When that happens, more often than not we end up with frozen pizza.

The funny thing is, we only own two cookbooks. One is the Ina Garter Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics and the other is Jerusalem: Das Kochbuch. So the other night, we flipped through both books and put post-its on pages with recipes we’d like to try.

I can only cook with recipes, except for basic things like spaghetti or scrambled eggs. But Tobias is the exact opposite and has a real knack for cooking without recipes. Since he’s the one who does most of the cooking, I took charge and chose which recipes to try first, bought the ingredients, and opened the cookbook to the right page. Tobias didn’t follow the recipes to the letter (as he’s not a huge fan of cumin, he left that out) but it was just enough to try something new.

So far we’ve only tried three new recipes. This is the second one we did, and it was really fun making it an event — like an at-home date night. We both donned our aprons, lit some candles, and cooked together. We don’t usually eat dinner until late anyway, so we could really enjoy some (almost) uninterrupted time when the baby was in bed (sometimes said baby needs me to put his pacifier back in).



So, what’s for dinner tonight? Anyone try any new recipes lately?


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