I turned 28 years old yesterday, and it was a really wonderful birthday! It was a lovely fall day and I wore one of my favorite shirts and leather boots. My boys took me out to breakfast at a café in town – when the one we were planning on going to wasn’t open, we instead ended up at the same café where we’d interviewed our wedding photographer two years ago.



We then took a nice walk back, and Theo fell asleep holding these rings on his toy. So precious!


When we got home, I got to open some presents, one of them being this awesome book:


(Translation: ooh la la, who farted? HILARIOUS BOOK!)

Theo tried to eat the wrapping paper while I wasn’t looking…


Tobias wrapped up the big present in his typical manner. Not very sustainable, ahem, but his aluminum foil gift wrap has a long history for us. Hence the phrase he wrote on it.


(The big present was a fancy-schmancy electric toothbrush…with bluetooth and an app and everything!)

He also signed me up for a sewing course, which starts in the new year. So excited!


Theo wanted to be cuddled a lot yesterday, so that was nice. And when he went to bed, I sewed him up a sun hat, since his head has grown too big for his other sun hat.

My parents had these lovely flowers delivered…simply gorgeous!


I had a wonderful birthday, and I felt very special and loved. This first birthday as a parent really surprised me at how different things feel when you realize just how special it is to be born and to grow older year after year. My little boy is already growing up so fast, and my life changed forever when he entered into our lives. There’s something just…magical about it all. Wrapping your head around the fact that you were once a tiny little baby, too, and that your parents were so thrilled to welcome you into their lives.


That’s me, twenty-eight years ago. Incredible.

We’re leaving today for vacation…off to Mallorca! (But first, finish packing and cleaning!)


5 thoughts on “Twenty-Eight

  1. Happy birthday Sarah!! Looks like you had a wonderful day :) Enjoy Mallorca–it’s BEAUTIFUL. We vacationed there twice when my family and I lived in Germany!

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