Baby sun hat

Before we left on vacation, I realized I didn’t have a sun hat that fit Theo’s head anymore. I shed a tear for his newborn hat, and then set out to make my own the night before we left.


I kind of mixed two different styles from two different tutorials I’d found on Pinterest. For the main hat, I used this tutorial on how to make an infant sun hat. Then, instead of sewing around it, I decided to give it a bias tape edge à la this tutorial, but without the straps. Because I wanted to keep it reversible.



I used fabric we bought in Berlin at a market, blue bias tape, and leftover fabric from our bedroom curtains. I’m pretty happy with the finished product! It’s not perfect, but it didn’t need to be!

I didn’t do any fancy measuring (apart from checking his head circumference against the pattern) and just hoped it worked out, which thankfully it did. It stayed on well enough without the straps, too. Because the curtain fabric was a bit thicker, it worked out okay that I didn’t use any interfacing. It’s nice to be able to make something like this!



2 thoughts on “Baby sun hat

  1. I think in a documentary I watched when I was pregnant, they said if a human grew at the same rate their first year throughout their growing years, they would be the size of a sperm whale at adulthood. Their speed of growth is amazing and sad. Especially when you can no longer use that super cute hat, shirt, etc.

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