Jumping on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon


Ahh, the capsule wardrobe. Everybody’s doing it these days.

I’d first heard about it via Kendi Everyday with her 30 for 30 remix challenge. And now Elise (who happens to be my favorite blogger of all time) is going the capsule wardrobe route, too. What finally tipped me over the edge of indecision was that I listened to this podcast featuring Caroline from Unfancy, who even mentions that she is not a fashionable person at all and thought she might be crazy for starting a fashion blog. I look at her blog and beg to differ…but it’s extremely encouraging to me that someone who proclaims she doesn’t know a thing about fashion can come up with such creative outfits. So maybe I can, too.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try it out.

But first I have to admit: I’m TOTALLY CHEATING.

Because it gets cold here and I’m a wimp. On any given day in winter, I’m wearing at least a tank top, long-sleeved shirt, long underwear, jeans, two pairs of socks, and sweater. And probably a scarf, too. So my collection of long-sleeved t-shirts for layering (as well as leggings and tights) will not count toward my specified number* of items. Neither will my tank tops. Neither will my outerwear (coats and sweatshirts). Nor my shoes or accessories.

Needing easy access for breastfeeding makes narrowing things down a bit harder. So I’m not going to be too strict with myself and just have fun trying this out. I think the thing that intrigues me most is that whole “less is more” stuff. Having too much to choose from doesn’t make the choice easier, but rather more difficult. And as a new mom with not much time to pick out the perfect outfit, I could definitely use a little more simplicity in that aspect of my morning routine.


There were a lot of items in my closet that were too summery for this season anyway, so weeding those out was easy. I will edit down what is left over a period of a few days and try to make a few sample outfits to see if I can easily mix and match what I’ve got. For those things that are less mix-and-matchable, I will banish those to the attic.

*I have decided not to limit myself to a certain number because I have so many pieces that won’t count towards it anyway for layering purposes… I’m also not going to be too strict with myself for special occasions if I want to wear something else that didn’t make the cut. For example, I first had a red turtleneck in for the sole reason that I knew that Christmastime was coming. But since the only thing it matched were jeans, I decided to cut it. But if I do feel the urge to wear it this Christmas, I won’t hold myself back.

It will be a fun experiment!


I’ve been hesitating pressing “publish” on this post because I tend to make these grand declarations on my blog with new projects and what not, and they just fizzle out over time. Like last year’s One Little Word or that time I said I had a lot of motivation for crafty projects. The last crafty thing I did was Theo’s sun hat, just because.

But you know what? I’m going to cut myself a little slack. Because in the end it’s about trying new things and seeing what works for ME. Sometimes, life comes in between and shakes up plans. Then you make new ones. And it’s all good.

I also totally just finished up this post, only to lose my revisions and have to write most of it all over again. Boo!

photo4_zps103f195dOkay, on to the wardrobe. A lot more dresses and skirts ended up on here than I’d expected, and we’ll see how that works when it’s chilly out. But I fully intend to let this year be the year I wear my warm tights and boots and become an expert layer-er.

We’ll see how that works.

Anyway, I downloaded the Stylebook app and have had a ton of fun playing around with that already, uploading pictures of my wardrobe (pictures throughout) and creating different looks. Though I won’t be taking pictures of my outfits for the blog – I am SO not a style blogger! – I am keeping track of my outfits on the app’s calendar so I can see what I’ve worn already. I totally splurged, since I don’t usually buy apps, but I will say that I don’t regret it. It’s already encouraged lots of creativity in mixing and matching. Sometimes the outfits don’t translate well to real life, in which case I simply delete the look from my app and try another combo. Very fun!

So, who’s with me? Anyone else tried this before or have been thinking about trying out a capsule wardrobe?

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