Somebody’s teething!

Actually, I am – my top left wisdom tooth is breaking through a little bit more and it’s sore up there. So I can certainly commiserate with Theo, who is the one I obviously meant when I said somebody’s teething.

Red cheeks? Check. Constantly chewing on anything and everything? Check. Excessive drool? Double check. Fussier than usual? Yup.

Yesterday, I gave him a toothbrush to chew on and he went to town on that thing. He seemed to know exactly what to do with it, too. It was hilarious! Apparently it felt great on those gums!


I keep checking and it also seems like he’s developing little white points there as well. It still could be a little while, but I won’t be surprised if a little something pops up soon! I have extremely mixed feelings about this whole getting teeth thing. It will be extremely cute, I’m sure. But the thought of it also makes me want to cry. (Where did my little tiny baby go?!)



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