Happy Halloween!


Even though Halloween is a little bit annoying in Germany, I’m still excited about this holiday because it’s Theo’s first.

Last week, I did a quick little sewing project to make him a special onesie for today, since his first costume is store-bought. It’s funny how “mom guilt” can creep up on you when it’s not even warranted. Anyway, it’s better this way. As you can see, the zebra suit is still too big, so he’ll be able to wear it for a while longer because it’s not too costume-y.


Back to the Halloween is annoying in Germany thing – I know pranks and stuff happen in the States too, but when kids say, “Trick or treat!” they get their treat and go. They don’t actually trick anyone who doesn’t shell out candy. But here…I’m not sure if it’s more adults or kids doing this…but the next day, if you’re unlucky, you’ll find someone has smeared doorknobs with shaving cream or ketchup. Not cool, Germany. Not cool.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! I’m not sure if we’ll get any trick-or-treaters tonight, but I’ll make sure we have some candy just in case.

Taking pictures of Theo was funny today. He was tired and was not so happy I put the zebra costume on him at first…


Hmm…not so sure…


I’m tired, Mom!


Ahh, the pacifier. Now I can zone out for a bit…


Two minutes later…zzzzzzz(ebra)


And 20 minutes later, awake and ready to continue the photo shoot!



Now I’m much happier!



6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Sorry to comment on your post as a stranger but the photo above (I’ m tired mom !) looks so much like you. I am a German man in a relationship with an american woman and to understand reactions of her, i read your blog. Sometimes I don’t know why my GF reacts that or this way and I want to know if it is a cultural thing, or a man and a woman thing. So, sorry to comment but I wanted to just tell you that in this photo your cute baby looks totally like you.

    • No need to be sorry! :) I’m happy you commented. Thanks for reading! I hope it helps. Those cultural differences can be tough sometimes, can’t they?

      I get that from people a lot, that he looks like me. Some pictures you can see it better than others, and I agree that that one does resemble me!

      • Yes, sometimes these differences can be tough. But also I must say, the longest period of time was 3 months in the US for me. I can’t really say how it is to live in a foreign country. I really admire that. I can imagine that it isn’t always easy, maybe especially for a woman. But love helps and so you run all over the city because there is one store that sells canned pumpkin, just to make her happy.

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