A thrill of anticipation…

Christmas, folks.

IT’S COMING. IN 51 DAYS. (!!!)

We were in IKEA today and I was elated to see they’ve put up Christmas decorations in their display rooms. Theo was excited too, can’t you tell?

I know, I know. Thanksgiving first. All that jazz.

Speaking of jazz, I was listening to some last night while cooking with Tobias. He ran out to get some last-minute ingredients at the store…and I switched the music over to a Christmas jazz playlist and danced around the kitchen with Theo. Tobias came home and I tried to cover it up. “NO, WE WEREN’T LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC WHILE YOU WERE GONE!” …except the singer crooning “Silver Bells” in the background betrayed me.

Tobias loves me a lot, so he just laughed at me and listened to a few more songs with me.

And because I love Tobias a lot, I switched back to the other playlist after those couple of songs.

And that, my friends, is a good example of compromise in a marriage. Putting up with each other’s craziness, and also knowing when to hold back when needed.


2 thoughts on “A thrill of anticipation…

  1. I’ve already started listening to Christmas music, too 🙂
    However, since we’re due a few days before Christmas, the countdowns are freaking me out a little. There is so much to do before baby comes!

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