Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in one post

Before things get all Christmassy up in here…

…because if you know anything about me, you know I’m VERY EXCITED for Christmas. I can barely contain my excitement that today I saw the very first red hut of the Christmas market being set up in the pedestrian street near my apartment. Hells to the yeah!

But before I go and do that, I wanted to show off these cute jack-o’-lanterns I saw while on a walk shortly after Halloween.

Cute little fellas, aren’t they?



I love Thanksgiving and all, and I’m happy to once again be hosting a dinner at my place with some friends, but I secretly wouldn’t mind if I could already get Christmas decorations set up here. I have a ceramic jack-o’-lantern up in the attic that I didn’t bother to get down this year, and that doesn’t bother me one bit. Ha. It doesn’t help that Germany doesn’t have the buffer of Thanksgiving to really let loose on all the Christmas stuff.

The beginning of the Christmas markets is upon us!

5 more days until the Santa Pauli market starts, on the 20th. Then the rest of the ones across the city start on the 24th. That is NEXT Monday, folks! That means I can go to the Christmas market several times if I want to before even celebrating Thanksgiving! Can we say best of both worlds!?

I still won’t be able to partake in the Glühwein (except for maybe a sip or two) since I’m still breast feeding. But last year while pregnant I tried out some of the various alcohol-free options and a lot of them were pretty tasty.

You can find more info about the Hamburg Christmas markets here.

And oh my gosh, people. I just read there are Christmas parades. I am definitely going to go to one of them! It IS Theo’s first Christmas, and all. Have to give him the full experience, right? 😉


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