Finished Christmas tree!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had to put our tree decorating on pause until we could buy some new lights. But last night we finished it up and now I want to show it off!

First, a few pictures from Sunday before the light situation…



Last year, we totally forgot to saw off the end of the tree before we put it up. Which made it suck up far less water, which made it dry out more quickly. We made sure not to make the same mistake this year!


Somebody got hungry and I had to take a break!

And now here is our finished tree!


With bucket of water next to the tree just in case! We lit the real candles last night and read a story together on the couch!


In honor of my new hobby of sewing, I whipped up a silver and red paper garland for the tree. So much fun. I didn’t have enough paper to make one that went all the way around the tree, but I’m still happy with the way it turned out!

I’m guessing this is probably the last year we’ll use my Gram’s old vintage ornaments. For a while, anyway. Our boy doesn’t pull himself up yet, so I think the tree is safe. But next year, when Theo is a toddler, it may be a whole other story!



These old candle holders remind me of Replicators

This succulent got a little bit into the Christmas spirit, too.


I really love having the Christmas tree up. It just makes things so nice and festive! (And it’s always really funny watching the Germans’ reactions to it being up “so early”.)

The best part so far? Theo was fussing last night so I brought him out to see the Christmas tree. We’d lit the real candles and the room was aglow with a soft, warm light. I held him in my arms and he stared at the tree…and I stared at him. The lights from the tree reflected back in his eyes, and it made me feel a rush of the magic of Christmas. What’s more magical than being a kid on Christmas? Being a parent. For sure.

Soaking it all up over here.



5 thoughts on “Finished Christmas tree!

  1. Real candles?! And looks like pretty dried fruit! My inner-Martha celebrates, my realistic self cringes and hides… ::shame-faced::

    • Yep! We always have a “hybrid” tree of electric lights and real candles. When the real candles are lit, though, we turn the electric lights off.

      The dried orange slices are from our first year together, back when we didn’t have any ornaments. They don’t look all that great anymore, but we still hang them!

  2. That looks beautiful! I will miss having a real tree this year, our little one is pulling up and cruising so nothing is safe anymore. Btw the candle holders really DO look like replicators :D

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