Thanksgiving 2014

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year! I’ve got lots of pictures to share…so here we go!


With the exception of one friend who lives a bit further away, all of our guests were neighbors of some sort, either in the same house or across the street. We had a really lovely time. Two out of four babies slept in the other room, and the other ones stayed up. We ate until we were stuffed, and it was a really fun evening!


Theo and I made several traced-hand turkey drawings to decorate. We spread them out around the apartment.


The turkey turned out especially well this year. Tobias marinated it for a day and a half as it defrosted. He cooked it at a high temperature first to get a nice crusty outside, and then at a low temperature (80ºC) for 10 hours. It was the best turkey yet!


He couldn’t resist using his torch to show off for our friend…


Theo “helped” “cook”.


He got a taste of Thanksgiving dinner the next day. (Can I just comment on how awesome it is to have Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch the next day?) I let him try a tiny bit of everything. He especially loved the turkey – his very first taste of meat!


And he got some pumpkin puree to try, too. It was a mess. Ha!



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