As Theo gets more and more mobile, it’s getting harder and harder to take pictures of him! He crawled right to the camera after this shot was taken, as fast as he could. Which is, at 6.5 months, surprisingly fast! Today, while I was changing after my shower, he crawled from his crib up onto our bed and to the window because he wanted to play with the heater grate. I think it’s time to put the other side back onto the crib before it’s too late. Don’t want him falling off the bed!

Tonight we celebrated Sinterklaas in my Dutch class. A few weeks prior, we drew names for a secret Santa and had to write a poem and get a small gift. We put all the gifts in a big sack outside the door when we came into class, and during the last 45 minutes of class we sang songs, ate cookies and then sat in a circle and watched each person open their gift and read the poem. It was really fun!

It’s only the beginning of December, but it already feels so packed. We’ve got lots of parties, dinners, and other events to go to. And of course finishing up DIY presents and shopping. Before we know it, we’ll be flying to the States. It’s all going by so fast. Why can’t the Christmas season be two months long? I guess by then we’d all be tired of Christmas music, wouldn’t we?

Jingle bells, jingle bells…

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