More milestones

Theo pulled himself up for the first time on Saturday. He was trying to get to this plastic bag full of wood chips, and I just happened to have the camera ready to capture the moment!


Looks like baby proofing needs to happen sooner rather than later. We’ve already started, but being able to pull himself up brings on a whole new level of things we need to watch out for. Ha!


He is sitting really well these days, too, but I was nice and put my nursing pillow behind him so that if he fell, he wouldn’t bonk his head. Which he’s done quite often lately, now that he’s moving around more, poor guy. Ah, well. Par for the course.

3 thoughts on “More milestones

  1. I feel a little like the bonking of the head is never going to end although thankfully, now he’s got the hang of walking, the Mini Dietz doesn’t seem to have a permanent array of purple bruises on his forehead anymore. Anyway, well done Theo for reaching the next totally amazing level, and well done you for a Christmas tree – not a chance round ours, it wouldn’t last a second! 😀

    • Yeah…he’s just started pulling up and today that extended to the Christmas tree…he tried to pull on a branch. Next year we will have to have all non-breakable ornaments, I think! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh!! Go Theo!! I will pee my pants the day I see Andie pull herself up haha Right now she’s just army crawling (very fast) everywhere!

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