Christmas poems


As I mentioned before, our advent calendar this year is one full of Christmassy activities to do together. (You can see our calendar hanging in the hallway in this picture!)

We were running a bit behind with the tasks…so we killed two birds with one stone and did two days’ activities at the same time: eat a chocolate Santa with coffee (we drank tea) and write a Christmas poem for each other.

We sat down with pens and blank sheets of paper and gave ourselves 10 minutes to write the other person a poem.

It was really fun, and I’m going to suggest we do the same with my family this year at Christmas! Because there was a set time limit, there was no pressure to create an absolute masterpiece of a poem. But the results, I must say, were pretty good anyway!

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the poems we came up with. Bonus points for those of you who can speak German – you get to read Tobi’s poem in the original form with all its lovely rhymes.

I wrote two: first this longer poem, and then a little limerick.

My Mistle-Tobi

Christmas trees

and pumpkin pie,


me oh my!

The holidays won’t

pass us by

without some Mistle-Tobi.


“What is that?”

you  might ask,

and if you want

I’ll tell you.

It’s something that

I like the best

for Christmastime:

my Tobi!


When we see the hanging branch

with green leaves and white berries,

so high above our heads

and tied with a ribbon red…

we look up and then realize

we’re underneath the magical

branch of mistletoe that

fills our hearts with romance.

Maybe we’ll have a little dance,

but a kiss for sure…

under the mistle-Tobi!


The Worst Christmas Limerick Ever

There once was a man named Santa

who didn’t like Coke, but Fanta!

He flew into town

with his reindeer right down

And he didn’t have fun in Atlanta!


And Tobi’s poem, first in the original, and then with my bad translation that surely won’t do it justice:

Der Baum


ohne Baum

– ein Alptraum –

und kaum


– wie wunderbar –

ihn erst am

Weihnachtsabend zu schmücken

und sich daran zu entzücken.


Nein, er wird,

nachdem verspeist sind

alle Truthahn Reste,

schon besorgt

weit vor dem Jesusfeste.


Für Sarah ist das

– wie sollte es anders sein? –

das Beste!


The Tree


without a tree

– a nightmare –

and hardly


– how wonderful –

to wait to decorate it

until Christmas Eve

and to be delighted by it.

No, it will be,

after all the turkey leftovers

are eaten,

already bought

way before the Jesus fest

For Sarah is that

– how should it be any different? –

the best!


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