Meeting Santa

IMG_8285_zps366a346fOn Sunday night, we found ourselves downtown at the biggest Christmas market in Hamburg: the one at the town hall. We just happened to be there in the St. Nick of time (too much?) to meet Santa! Well, we saw him, anyway. At 6 pm all the bells were ringing at nearby churches and suddenly music started to play and a real live Santa in a sleigh dashed over our heads with his four reindeer. (Where are the other five?) He waved to the crowds, told us a little story about Rudolph and his other reindeer and why they got their names, and told us that if we see a red light on Christmas Eve, that’s Rudolph.IMG_8289_zps12aa22a6

It was so darn magical…I cried.


No really. Tobias laughed at me and had to take a picture as proof. Theo looks confused, but he saw Santa too. And that was so very touching for some reason. He’s too young to get what all the fuss was about, but I did see him look up there at Santa, and that made me really excited.


To mark the occasion, we took a family selfie – Theo’s got that Gilmour lip going on…and there was a raindrop on my lens.


The market was pretty crowded, but we shuffled through the crowds to the nearest Schmalzkuchen stand and shared a bag of their fatty, sugary goodness together. None for you, Theo, sorry, but surely next year!


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