Nevalyashka – Tumbler toy

Almost every time I nurse Theo, I look to see what’s new on eBay classifieds. I’ve already found quite a few good things, but on Monday, I scored the most awesome deal yet.


They’re Russian Nevalyashka dolls. Also known as tumbler toys, wobble dolls, or roly poly dolls. Super simple, yet so fun.


Some of my other mommy friends have similar toys, and I’d been considering buying one online. But when I saw that there were TWO of these for just 5€, it was almost too good to be true! Except it was true, and I asked about them right away and nobody had claimed them yet. So I went over that same afternoon and picked them up. One big one and one little one.



Theo loves chasing after them, and they make the most relaxing jingly sound.


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