Big plans

It has been quite the week back! I’ve been mulling over some thoughts on coming back to Germany, but I haven’t had a quiet moment to sit down and write anything out yet. We’ve been back from the States just over a week now. Between all-weekend-long orchestra practices for Tobi, outings with my other mommy friends and babies, unpacking, and taking down Christmas decorations, it feels like we’ve been back much longer than a week.

Two nights ago, we also had the worst night with Theo sleep-wise since he was born. I don’t know what that was, but it was awful…and I cried. Thankfully, I’m not alone. Some sort of motherhood rite of passage, I guess. But I won’t be all that surprised if my postpartum hair that’s fallen out starts growing back in gray from having so little sleep. Last night was considerably better, thank you very much, baby boy!


This crazy week all culminated in a broken washing machine that even my very handy husband couldn’t fix. So…that’s fun. After a lot of internet research about our particular washing machine (and finding others had a lot of bad experiences with it), it seemed more practical to buy a whole new machine than to get it repaired. That sounds so extravagant, but it is what it is.

The worst part was that one of the pipes from the machine that connects to the sewers still had water inside. It smelled like rotten eggs in our whole apartment. Seriously rank, y’all. We had to drain the water from the washing machine manually, and if I didn’t have my perpetually stuffed up nose from allergies, I might have lost my cookies. I also need to either go to a laundromat or ask some of our neighbors if I could run the load that happened to be in the machine when it died, because the clothes are sopping wet and will get really gross really fast if I don’t clean them.

In more fun news, we have a lot of other big plans for our home. In addition to babyproofing various things around here, we are finally (slowly) getting Theo’s bedroom set up. Tobias now has an office space nearby and that means that we canreshuffle things here around our 3-bedroom apartment. Well. Two bedrooms and a living room now, instead of a bedroom, living room and office.

Thanks to Pinterest and Dan and Erin at Halifax Bloggers I also found a project for a roll-out pantry to fit between the fridge and the wall in the kitchen, and we are going to get that done first. So later today we will take a trip to IKEA and the home improvement store and get the supplies to make that pantry happen.

I don’t know if it’s just coming back to my own place, or if it’s that January feeling, but I feel very motivated to get things accomplished. Anyone else feeling those January cleaning and organizing vibes? Everything takes a lot longer with a baby who doesn’t nap well, but we are moving along slowly but surely. And I’m excited for things to come.

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