Cheerios: the American classic!

When we were in the States, Theo got to try Cheerios for the first time. He loved them! We took a little back with us to Germany in his snack cup holder, but we’re about to run out.

I don’t think there seems to be anything similar here — any other o-shaped cereals I’ve found in Germany have been a bit more sugary than Cheerios, and I’m not quite ready for him to eat that kind of stuff yet. I do think, though, that it might be time to go check out the stores nearby to see what other kinds of [healthy] snacks kids are eating these days!

Anyone have any tips?



9 thoughts on “Cheerios

  1. All the German mums I’ve seen seem to give their babies bits of pretzel. I would have thought they’d be too salty for little kids though? Maybe try raisins (or sultanas) orpieces of carrot?

      • A pleasure to help. Seitenbacher is kind of from the area where I am from. The owner is a strange guy and makes his own commercials in his basement. They are….ahm…well, if you look for them at youtube, please please believe me: we are not all so ahm… strange in that area of Baden-Württemberg;-)

  2. I love Cheerios too! I order them sometimes from Amazon, they are a bit pricey though, 9 euros for a large box. You can sometimes get multigrain Cheerios at Kaufland or Rewe but they have more sugar than Cheerios I think.

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