Christmas Day 2014



After admiring the Christmas tree, we opened up our stockings together around the dining room table.


(Tobias also got to open his birthday present from Jon and Jaimie!)


Then we headed over to my Aunt Diana’s house to have breakfast and open presents with the extended family.


To me, it wouldn’t be Christmas without orange rolls and cinnamon rolls!



Afterwards, we headed back home for Round Two – after nap time for Abby, we opened the rest of our presents in the evening!


We literally opened presents all day long. Crazy. So many awesome gifts! Tobias was a little bit (okay, a lot) overwhelmed at how much there was all day. Just a bit of culture shock there, I think. It was a long day, but a nice one. I really enjoyed being there with my family this time instead of just skyping in and being passed around on my sister-in-law’s iPad. It’s so much more relaxing just hanging out with everyone there, and I had a really lovely time.

And it was especially cute to see Theo play with his new toys. Although…he seemed far more interested in crawling around and grabbing bows from off the floor and trying to eat wrapping paper. What they say about babies and presents is true: they’re often more interested in the packaging than they are the actual toy inside!

And that was Theo’s first Christmas!


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