Christmas Eve 2014

So, who’s ready for a Christmas recap!?!?

I know, Christmas was like…soooo last year. Big events (holidays, vacations, weddings, etc.) are always so hard to blog about, since you know you have like a bazillion photos to post. After a certain point, they just get lost into the abyss. And I want to make sure I have at least a bit of Theo’s first Christmas documented here on the blog! So get ready! here comes a whole bunch of Christmas photos! (Listening to Christmas music while reading this post: optional!)


On Christmas Eve, we went to the 8 o’clock service at my parents’ church. Afterward, we came home and got the kids into their matching Christmas pajamas. It sure is hard to get one good picture of three kids under the age of three…but I love the silly expressions just as much!


My brother’s girls are 3 and 2 months, and Theo is 7 months. (Now 8 months!) It was Theo’s and Eloise’s first Christmas!



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