More photos from our trip

I’m slowly (but surely) getting stuff organized around here. Things always get messier before they get cleaner, and I’m trying to remind myself of that. There are so many things going on at the moment! We did get our new washing machine, though. Yay!

I still have a whole ton of pictures I wanted to share from our trip to the States! So…this stuff all happened after Christmas. This is one of a few upcoming posts because there are just too many to share at once! Without further ado…here we go!

We helped my mom put together her bulletin-board-style showcase at the school:


It was a snow theme…and then we got a snow day and she got to stay home with us and cuddle on the couch!

I also helped my mom take down Christmas decorations. Theo tried to help, too, but was of course more interested in trying to eat everything, including Christmas lights!



My 3-year-old niece, Abby, developed a serious obsession with Rudolph this year!


We had lots of family dinners…


Grandma & Granddad read Theo bedtime stories…


I tried a cronut (a croissant-donut hybrid) for the first time…it was good, but I don’t quite understand the hype.




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