Bowling with Jeff


My Uncle Jeff is insanely good at bowling.

He’s got his own ball which is super heavy (like 16 pounds, I think, which is as heavy as Theo!) and he plays in his local Special Olympics bowling league. He very often gets strikes and spares, and he just has the time of his life when he is bowling. For him, bowling is only second place to Ocean City, which he loves because of the freedom he has to go off on his own and do his own thing. But just look at this guy…looks like a pro, right?


This year for Christmas, my parents gave him a “gift certificate” to go bowling with the family. So a few days after Christmas, we all took a trip to the bowling alley. It was Abby’s first time bowling, and she used this special ramp thingy to push the ball down the lane. We were all super proud of her when she even got a strike!



It was really funny and special this time because we kept having to pass the babies around so that we could have arms free to bowl when it was our turn.









I didn’t do too badly at the beginning, either. I surprised myself by getting a few strikes. But it’s always the case with bowling that I do well in the beginning, but my game gradually worsens as my arm and wrist get tired. Boo. But it was still fun! Besides, when you have a kid playing with you, you have to celebrate even when you get a gutter ball. Ha!



We played two games and had a lot of fun!



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