Baltimore with Laura


While we were in the States, we took a day trip up to Baltimore to visit Theo’s Aunt Laura,  a.k.a. my best friend from college. She was so excited to meet Theo for the first time in person!

We took the MARC train up there, which was my very first time. We kind of expected it to be more full, since it’s a commuter train, but because it was during the week in between Christmas and New Year’s, there were only very few people traveling to work that day. So we had a more or less empty train, which was great because there was no stress with the stroller! I, very stupidly, forgot to bring my camera. So we only have a few nice photos from Tobi’s camera and then several instagram photos!



“A Christmas present?! For ME?!”


We had a wonderful day with Laura. First we hung out at her house a bit, and then we took a nice, long walk down to the Inner Harbor. We saw and experienced lots of nice things, and we walked a TON. Good exercise, good friends, and lots of sun!




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