German Cheerios

I recently asked for advice about finding something similar to Cheerios in Germany, and a few of you readers really delivered! Thank you so much for your comments!

The one that stood out as most similar to Cheerios was Seitenbacher’s Saltoos, so I was excited when I found them at the store and bought a bag for a taste test!

The verdict?

cheerios vs saltoos_zpshamkuvhbAt the risk of sounding blasphemous, I think they are better than Cheerios! They have a bit less salt (which you can taste) and more natural ingredients. Germany’s very good at natural ingredients!

As for the texture, they’re slightly fluffier than Cheerios but they seem to dissolve in a baby’s mouth just as fast as Cheerios do. They’re also a bit bigger, which means they’re easier to pick up! While Cheerios are oat cereal, Saltoos are 100% spelt (which is wheat, and yes, I had to look that up).

From the Saltoos package: no added salt, good source of protein, baked without fat, wholegrain spelt, rich in fiber.

The only thing that’s slightly bothersome about the Saltoos is that the package it comes in does not close again very easily, since it rips. But I think I’ll put the rest in a mason jar and call it a day!


5 thoughts on “German Cheerios

    • That’s just the beginning of it. UK and European stuff is generally so much healthier. Some more than others! Take Fruit Loops for example – the colors are much brighter in the US…because it’s all artificial flavoring and coloring!

      I did see some Multigrain Cheerios the other day at an Edeka that had a slightly larger selection. But still not quite the same as the plain ones!

  1. I actually just picked some up today from Rewe, I had been craving Cheerios for ever! They looked like Cheerios so I decided to give them a try, they actually aren’t that bad! I moved out here from California, about 8 months ago, I miss home so much and the food!!! 😦
    Now that I’m pregnant I’ve been craving the most random things. Mustard for example, i loved the yellow mustard back home. I have literally gone through 5 jars of mustard and none taste like frenchs!!! :((((( they all have a very strong taste and smell, its sooo pungent and not very pleasant. Do u know of any brand of mustard out here that tastes American?

    • I’m afraid I don’t! I haven’t been very adventurous about tasting the mustards here. That’s a fun pregnancy craving, though! I know what you mean about missing food. There are still some things, like Fruity Pebbles or cream soda, that I miss just because I can’t get them here. I wouldn’t eat or drink those on such a regular basis if I lived back in the US, but now that I live here, I always binge on things like that on visits back home!

      Good luck in your continuing search for the perfect mustard! And I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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