Shopping USA


We did a LOT of shopping in the US. What else is there to do in winter except hang out around the house with family? (We did go to a museum one day, but indoor activities were definitely key for the majority of time we spent there!)

Tobias and I – but especially Tobias – save almost all our clothes shopping until our once-a-year trip to the States. The dollar has gotten stronger now in comparison to the euro, so in the past we’ve had a better exchange rate, but I feel like clothes are still cheaper in the USA. Plus, America does great sales…and even greater thrift stores. Between Christmas presents and all the shopping we did, we paid for an extra suitcase just to schlep home all our stuff!


I was especially excited for Target. It’s what dreams are made of. There just isn’t a good equivalent here in Germany!

Theo liked Target, too. See?


The crazy thing was that this year, Tobias only bought ONE PAIR OF SHOES. You guys, this is huge. Last time he bought SEVEN. Between the two of us, we brought back ELEVEN pairs of shoes last time. I bought three this time.

Good thing, because we don’t have any room for any more shoes!


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