Karnevalsgottesdienst 2015


This past Sunday was our church’s annual Karnevalsgottesdienst. The special church service where everyone dresses up in silly, sometimes elaborate costumes, complete with swaying in the pews, a sermon that rhymes and that is peppered with jokes on current events in the church, in our neighborhood, and world-wide. Even a Karnevals band playing electric guitar, piano, and bass.

Last year, we went as ourselves at our wedding. Tobi wore my wedding dress and I wore his suit. This being my 5th Karnevalsgottesdienst, I was already familiar with the traditional songs and could sing along with a lot of it from memory. I certainly understood much more of the service than I did my first time.

This year, I didn’t want to put too much effort into making a costume or anything, but I did want us to have a family costume. I did some brainstorming to see what I could pull together with things we already had, when I remembered that we’d gotten these Lederhosen and Dirndl t-shirts from my parents a few Christmases ago. We could go as Oktoberfest! As for Theo…well…he went as our beer. Paulaner Weißbier, to be exact. Complete with a frothy head and a pretzel that I sewed up the night before.

karneval 2015_zpslw2qawty



I didn’t take very many photos this year, but here’s our little Weißbier with a few dwarves. This picture just kills me – Theo was so bewildered and would NOT stop looking at this guy!


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