Ready for a hair change

At 8 months postpartum, my hair loss seems to FINALLY have normalized! No more huge clumps in my brush or in the shower! Oh, the joys!

The regrowth is definitely…special. The hairs are still really short so most of the time they still stick straight up. Awesome.

I just looked back on this post about when I got bangs way back in 2010. I might have to get them again to cover up the weird hairs growing back in in front!

So I thought I’d take you on a tour of some of my past hairstyles. Starting way back in 1998, when my best friend and I got the same haircut:


Sixth grade, folks. Baby Sarah!

I had bangs for a while, then grew them out. I also had wispy bangs at one point in 10th grade (whyyyy!?), but grew those out again quickly, THANK GOODNESS! I pretty much just had long hair in high school. Nothing special.

Then, my sophomore year of college, I got it cut short. It was chin-length in the front and I’d bobby pin those out of my face and use gel to spike up the back. Oy. Also very…special. Here’s me on my birthday that year:


This is what it looked like if I pulled it back. Yikes.


Let this serve as a reminder that I do not look good with short hair. No mom hair pixie cut for me!

Moving on…

I went to France and started growing it out again. This is about what it looked like when I met Tobias:


This was January. And by the fall it had grown out even more:


I then grew it long again and had it long for like 2 years. When I moved to Hamburg in 2010, I got bangs and had long, shoulder-length layers. On a good day, my bangs looked like this:


On a bad day, like this:


Kind of stringy. Actually, this isn’t even a very good picture of how they can look when they get stringy. Like in some of my wedding pictures…


After many trims by my husband, I grew tired of them and decided to grow out my bangs again in 2013.

And then I had my hair cut two weeks before Theo was born. And that was the last time I had my hair cut before now.

Okay, now that I’ve looked back on some of these photos and realized how many times I’ve grown out bangs, I don’t think I’m quite ready to have them again. But getting rid of some length might be good for me right now. Maybe I’ll work up the courage to try cutting it myself? I’ve always wanted to work up the guts to try it myself. I could always cut just a little bit and then if it looks horrid, go get it fixed at the salon. Right?


4 thoughts on “Ready for a hair change

  1. I admit that I cut my own hair. Ever since moving to Germany 2 years ago, I just never felt like finding a salon, so I bought a pair of hair scissors on Amazon for about 20 EUR, and now I just turn on a YouTube video and follow along. I haven’t had any disasters yet… Anyways, like you said, you can always go get it fixed later, and it always grows back (your pictures from this post are proof of that!).

    • Awesome! I already have a pair of hair scissors from back in my days of trimming my own bangs (well, having my husband do it). And the day after I wrote this post, I did muster up the guts to give it a try! It turned out pretty well, all things considered! I will have to take some pictures and update on how it went! YouTube is also how I did mine, haha!

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