Theo’s new stove

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a serious addiction to eBay classifieds. Multiple times a day, I check the “family and kids” section and the “free stuff” section to see what else is new. I usually limit the search to 2km so I don’t have to go too far to pick things up if I do decide I like something. I’ve found a lot of great things there. My Nevalyashka dolls, for example. I even bought Theo a pair of shoes that he likely won’t be able to wear for another 2.5 years because they were so cute and such a good deal!

So when I saw a play stove in my neighborhood selling for 8 bucks, I couldn’t pass it up. Theo is still too young for it (which is also why I took the back part off of it for now, because I think he will break it…he hasn’t learned to be gentle yet!) but he enjoys banging the pots and pan on the burners. It’s also one that originally sells for 40 euros (and has a few more accessories to go with it than just the pot and pan).


His favorite part of it, though? That blue lid. I think he thinks it’s the world’s biggest pacifier:

He has done this several times a day since then and it makes me laugh every time.


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