That time I cut my own hair

As I mentioned recently, I was thinking about how I hadn’t had my hair cut since before Theo was born and that I was considering cutting my own hair. Just the next day after posting that, I decided to take a leap and try it!

I used the Cosmopolitan cut tutorial I found after searching Pinterest for DIY haircut ideas.

Here’s how it turned out!


I didn’t really expect to blog about this, partially because I thought I would screw it up and then have to go get it fixed. So… all of my pictures I took while cutting were taken with my iPad camera in the bathroom mirror while simultaneously chatting with and updating my sister-in-law with progress shots. Great photos they aren’t, but they will show you a general idea of the process.

Here’s the before shot:


First, you put your hair up in a ponytail on the front of your hairline, like this:


(goodness gracious, those postpartum wisps of hair!)

Then you pull the ponytail straight up and snip straight across with your scissors. Then, take the end of the ponytail and snip straight in until the end of the ponytail resembles the consistency of a makeup brush. (This was the most fun part of it!)


It felt really weird having a ponytail on the front of my face!

Marvel at the amount of hair you’ve cut off:


This was the very first time I’ve cut my own har AND IT WAS EXHILARATING.

Then take out the ponytail and see how it looks!



It’s certainly not the most talented layering job, but I loved that it gave me some layers without losing too much length. But I did feel it should be a bit shorter, so I tried it again! Same process!

And I learned that by putting the ponytail right at your hairline, it would cut the front layers shorter, but not necessarily the back parts. So keep that in mind. I’m guessing if you put the ponytail at a different spot on your head, you’ll end up with different results. I will try that next time!


^ When I was done for the night.

And the next day after a shower – very proud that it worked out!


Let’s review: before & after!


Voilà! If I can do it, anyone can do it. I’ll definitely be doing this again!



4 thoughts on “That time I cut my own hair

  1. That looks awesome! When I cut my own hair in the past, I always tried for as blunt a cut as possible. Instead of making the ponytail in the front, I made it at the nape of my neck — it worked out well but the results were pretty ho-hum. I’m inspired to try something a bit more daring now. 🙂 Did you use hair scissors or just regular household scissors to do it?

    • Thanks so much! Does doing it at the nape of your neck make for a slightly rounded look, or is it completely straight across?

      Hair scissors, definitely! I already had some from back when I had bangs. I would definitely recommend using those, as they get a nice, sharp cut!

  2. It looks great!

    I have also used this method once, but I was too embarrassed to actually admit it to anyone. Anyways, the next few days people asked if I had my hair cut and only said nice things, so the method totally works!

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