Hello friends!

Just wanted to share that today you can find us over on the Deutschland Blog – Tobias and I have been featured in a series about international couples called Heartbeats. So if you’re interested in reading more about our thoughts on cultural differences, language, and love, go check it out here!



7 thoughts on “Heartbeats

  1. That picture is super cute 🙂 It made me wonder–is baby wearing common in Germany? I was trying to remember from my time there but I don’t really remember seeing babies at all when I was there.

    • Thanks! We were at the Fischmarkt with my parents – Theo was about 6 or 7 weeks old here!

      Babywearing IS common here in Germany! A lot of people have Manduca or Ergo carriers, but you do see some people with woven wraps, too.

  2. Ha! Tobias writing about our American expectations for a ring and proposal (my boyfriend also has a lot to say on the topic). Hilarious!

    You should write a post about what your plans are for raising Theo bilingually. Will you only speak English to him, and Tobias only German? When you are all three together? I find the topic really interesting, and I am sure there are a few different techniques for trying to make sure that the child reaches native fluency in both. I have a German friend with an American mother and a German father, but he always told his mom to stop speaking English to him when he was really young. So, she stopped, and he had to learn English in school like all the other kids. He jokes that he is still resentful of her for not standing up to him.

    • That’s funny your boyfriend feels the same way! Tobias also had quite a lot to say about how Americans make a BIG DEAL about first dates.

      That’s a great idea, thanks! I will have to write about that soon. I did read a book about bilingual families back while I was pregnant, and there are certainly a lot of different ways to do it. That’s really a shame about your friend! As an English teacher who teaches plenty of teens and adults how to speak English, I definitely realize how important it is! I don’t want Theo to be in that boat later!

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